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October 17, 2014 / lachie47

Spiritual & Emotional Training Seminar

Working with patients who have life limiting or terminal illness is very much a labour of love and not everybody is cut out to work in this area of healthcare. This much needed and very important work is only a little over 22 years old in Romania and 15 years or so in Cluj thus it is still very much in it’s infancy.  There are very few hospices in Romania and while there might be many homecare organisations purporting to provide palliative care very few have staff who are trained in all aspects of this type of care the most important aspects of which are medical, social, spiritual and emotional.

Hospice Casa Sperantei  began in Brasov in 1992 when there was no concept of hospice or palliative care in Romania.  Much has now changed and Hospice Casa Sperantei is a Centre of Excellence being described as a ‘Beacon of Hope’ for all of south-eastern Europe.

Still the majority of patients, adults and children, who suffer with a terminal illness do not have the type of care they really need. Hospices of Hope and SFR want to see this concept of care extended throughout Romania and also in the surrounding countries where hospice care services are minimal or even non-existent.

As well as providing hospice care to those who so desperately need it, training and education is key to ensuring this provision of specialist services is extended throughout Romania and South-Eastern Europe. The Princess Diana Education Centre was opened in 1997 to provide hospice resources and training courses for medical and social care professionals from all over South-Eastern Europe.

While the training is of very high standard spiritual & emotional training was lacking so SFR sponsored a National training seminar in 2006. This was supported by the Marie Curie Hospice Glasgow and Dawn Allan Chaplain ran the course in Cluj Romania. This seminar proved to be a success but it was not until 2014 that a repeat course could be arranged. On this occasion staff employed by Diakonia and working in palliative care were the target group together with three independent chaplains who were also invited.

Joy Elliot, Family liaison and Support Coordinator at Accord Hospice together with Rev Robert MacLeod Free Church Minister at Lochgilphead and Tarbert delivered the training which was one again organised and sponsored by SFR. This was a very worthwhile exercise from which the majority of participants benefited and are already asking about the next one! Andrea the multi talented palliative care nurse coordinator at Diakonia did most of the translation during the training ably assisted by Briggie the social worker and Emese one of the independent chaplains

The use of the venue was donated by the University of Medicune and Pharmacy in Cluj which, as can be seen from the photos was a very suitable and comfortable place for all to meet. All thanks to Lachie’s very good friend Prof. Dr Constantin Ciuce who is the Medical Chief at the University Hospital.


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