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SOMETHING FOR ROMANIA (SFR) is a Christian charity founded by Lachie MacLeod MBE in 1990 and registered in Scotland under a Trust Deed. For the first 13 years an average of two truck loads a year of medical equipment and supplies together with agricultural equipment were transported to Romania. The success of these trips depended on W.H. Malcolm Brookfield who donated the use of a tractor unit for our initial journeys. Family firm Galt Transport who supported us from the very beginning later took over the transport provision and have been a tower of strength over the years.

During this time funding was being given to a Romanian organisation which was already providing homecare with the intention of developing a palliative care service, something virtually unknown in the city of Cluj in the early years. This met with a measure of success.

In 2007 a dedicated palliative care service was set up in partnership with Fundatia Crestina Diakonia headed by a local family doctor Arthur Sarosi. Our efforts are now concentrated (but not to the exclusion of other organisations and individuals) on raising money to support Diakonia which provides free palliative care for serious and terminally ill patients. Nursing care is provided in patients homes by a team of professionals which include doctors, nurses, social worker and a care giver. Annual salaries and expenses for many of these professionals are met by SFR.

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